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Videoslots is an online casino that attracts attention with its atmospheric bright colour palette. It impresses with its variety of slot machine variations.

Put simply, a slot is a gaming machine that has a reel/scoreboard and, after a while, shows a winning combination. At the end of the game, the player can collect their winnings. The operation of video slots is based on computer programs and electronic control mechanisms. In the modern world, the term “video slots” is used synonymously with many slot machines, so the historical uniqueness has been lost.

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Historical Reference

Slot machines first appeared at the end of the 19th century, and the goal was to entertain people. Just the same; these were slot machines, obviously not online slots. By pressing the lever, the game was started. Usually, the game session did not last long.

With the development of technology, all this has been replaced by virtual replicas that work with the help of computational mechanisms. The lack of physical limitations allowed casinos to increase the scale and number of images in front of the player. Moreover, it became possible to receive and draw bonuses during the game session. Thus, the idea is old, but the implementation method is in line with modern trends.

How Video Slots Are Made

Market competition in online slots has led developers to try to make their slots as attractive and unique as possible. It’s hard to believe, but behind the creation of one video slot, there is a large team (of about 15 or more people). The development work takes anything from six months to a year. Many people from different fields are involved, such as:

1. Designers

2. Testers

3. Programmers

4. Managers

Creation starts with an idea. The team needs to choose a clear idea with its own history and mathematical approach. All this is done for the sake of uniqueness because it is unlikely that anyone would want to see a lot of identical slots. It is at this stage that it is decided how many reels and lines the slot will have.

Next comes the drawing and development phase. Colours, signs, and symbols are worked out, rounds are drawn, and characters are created.

After the second stage comes the creation of the audio accompaniment. Many experienced users have repeatedly noted music that can immerse you in the atmosphere of the game, relax you, or simply attract attention at the very beginning.

The fourth stage consists of connecting all separately created parts into a single whole. This is done by programmers who make all the required changes.

Immediately after the development is completed, testers enter the game. Their job is to make sure that everything works as it should and according to the original plan. If everything goes well, then the game proceeds to prepare for its release to the public. If an error or bug is found, it is sent to the previous stage to search for incompatibilities and the causes of failure.

What Types of Video Slot Casino Online Exist?

The transition to modern hardware and software opened up access to the implementation of numerous concepts for creating various types of slots. Slots consist of an external interface that affects the desire of the player to enter the game session. In their functionality, the basic principle is preserved: there are combinations and different types of bonuses, bet sizes and variably. In addition, slots can involve live games.

The lists of slot machines on online platforms include:

  1. Three-reel slots
  2. Five-reel slot machines
  3. Machines with six or seven reels
  4. Slot machine with nine reels

The main difference is the number of prize lines. Their number usually varies within the range of 1 to 100. It is common to find slot machines where lines are replaced by combinations. More than that, slots may differ in terms of the bonuses offered.

Some slot machines follow the classic set: 

  1. Free spin 
  2. Risk game
  3. Bonus round

Others allow you to do a little more: 

  1. A re-spin
  2. A growing jackpot 
  3. A fireproof bet

How to Play at the Best Video Slots Casino Online

Let’s take a look at what a game session is. Playing video slots is quite easy. The rules can be mastered even by a beginner who has never played before. All you need for a gaming session is:

  1. To place a bet
  2. To set the number of game lines
  3. To select the game mode: automatic or when you press the spin launch button
  4. To collect combinations

On most of the slots, combinations are formed from the same symbols, located in sequence from the leftmost reel to the right. Some combinations of symbols activate prize options:

  1. Replacement of missing pictures in the sequence
  2. Launching free spins or respins
  3. Opening the embedded mini-game

Making Money on the Best Videoslots Online Casino

All lovers of gambling have a logical question; they want to know how to make money with this activity.

First of all, it is important to realise that slot machines are primarily a form of entertainment and not a stable income. From time to time, you can go in and try your luck, but do so carefully and wisely.

Here are some simple rules for video slots to bring joy, not grief:

  1. Choose the machine according to the reviews and the popularity of the developer
  2. Understand what kind of slots you will have the maximum chance of success with
  3. Check whether there are bonuses in the slot
  4. Start with a small amount to gain experience

Below is a list of the most popular types of online slots in Ireland. Be mindful of the fact that you should make a deposit in advance.

Monopoly9-reel slot machine with two bonus games
Moolah5 reels and 25 paylines. The machine contains 4 jackpot levels
Major Millionsslot with 5 reels and 15 paylines
Five Times Pay3 reels and 1 payline. The jackpot is 15,000 credits
Monty’s Millions5 reels, 40 payline slots and a chance to win USD 250,000 on one reel spin
Double Diamonds3 reels and 1 payline. The jackpot is 2,500 coins
Tomb Raider5 reel slots with 15 paylines. There are 2 bonus games and a jackpot of 7,500 coins
Cleopatra20 line slot game
Hitman5 reel slot machine with 15 paylines, Bonuses and free spins are in all rounds
Hell Boy5 reels, 20 paylines, bonuses and free spins
Burning DesireNo paylines, 243 ways to win and a jackpot of 90,000 coins

Two Pieces of Advice That May Lead You to Success in Video Slots Online Casino 

Perhaps you have people in your environment who play online slots. You can ask them why they chose these particular slots and this particular online casino. The answer will be obvious, they have studied the variations they have chosen well and are aware of all the bonuses and the details of a certain type. Of course, it is true that the generation of random numbers plays the main role in slots, but in practice, over time, you will be able to understand how often the bet wins in the slot. Practice and observation are your best assistants in the world of slots.

Why are practice and observation the best helpers? The answer is clear. Practice is vital because many slots have built-in mini-games that can increase your winnings depending on the number of spins. Observation is key because many people often stop at only several options for slots or casinos. However, this is not quite the right approach because you need to expand the horizon and get out of your comfort zone. Comfort is quite important, but it should not stand in the way of your success.

Each casino is different in terms of its bonus programme, and this can be used to your advantage. It is important that you explore new possibilities for yourself from time to time. In any case, it’s your money, and you must decide how and where you spend it.

Is It Legal to Play the Videoslots Online Casino?

In Ireland, casinos are legal. All this is due to the 2019 amendments that the country has introduced a licensing regime for the entire gambling business. This was done for the players to have access only to reliable services, as well as for the state to control a large flow of income. The government is trying to do everything possible for this industry, and documents have been developed and regulatory bodies launched for protection in this area.

Video Slots Online Casino Vs Land-Based Casino

Easy to Play from Anywhere

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of online slots is that gamblers can play from anywhere and using any device. In addition, they are available 24 hours a day. This means that the players are not dependent on the opening hours of physical casinos or the availability of machines, as they are free to choose when to play. It is also very convenient as an advertisement because people show their friends and play with them.


During a pandemic, it is important to strengthen self-protection. For this reason, having online slots is a big advantage in terms of avoiding crowds at physical casinos around the slots. Currently, at physical casinos, many slot machines are limited to maintaining the distance between people. This results in long delays when entering physical casinos and playing physical slots. That’s why many players choose online slots – they don’t have to wait to play their favourite games and can feel safe staying comfortable in their homes.


With technological advancements, online slots are constantly evolving and are updated faster than land-based slots. You can also play from your mobile phone, mobile device, or computer because the games are adapted to all types of screens. All this can immerse you in the incredible atmosphere of an online casino.

Сhances of Winning

An important fact to highlight is that in both online and physical slots, the complex systems of the randomness of the results have to make the probabilities stable and reliable.

From what you’ve learned so far, it’s clear that online slots, in addition to being a digital version of physical ones, offer several benefits. They allow you to enjoy an endless number of games, try your luck and get the same experience as a physical slot machine at any time.

Why Is Videoslots Online Casino in Ireland So Popular?

Unlike other gambling games such as poker or even blackjack, there is no need to follow any strategy or strict rules; or have extensive knowledge of the game because in slot machines, winning or losing depends only on luck. This simplicity makes it very attractive to players, especially players who are just starting to play in the casino or people who just want to experience luck for a while.

In terms of design, the best software providers, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, Play N’ Go, or IGT, go out of their way to offer any theme that can grab a player’s attention (at times, they can work with professional design studios). That’s why you can find retro slots, anime, bands, ancient cultures, futuristic, TV, western, and fruits. In addition, all these games contain features that make the gaming experience more fun, such as wilds, scatters, multipliers, and cascading symbols.

The possibility of instantly getting a good prize is something that only some gambling games, such as slot machines, can provide. To receive a prize, you just need to collect a winning combination on one of its paylines, the reward for which will depend on the symbols (and their number) of the combination. In the same way, the opportunity to win a million-dollar prize for just one coin, as in the case of jackpot slot machines, entices any player.

Is a Video Slot Casino Online Safe? 

Online casinos are very popular among users due to the ease of playing since they can use them from anywhere. However, the players must be very careful and always play on safe sites; otherwise, they can not only be deceived but their personal data can be compromised. By themselves, online slot games are not dangerous. But unfortunately, as with any kind of Internet service, there is a flip side to the coin. Often, fake sites can be created that will be functionally and visually very similar to real licensed ones. Fraudsters will do their best to get money from you, but as soon as they get to the account, you will no longer be able to withdraw them. Moreover, they may suggest mega bonuses. To play safely at an online casino, you must take certain precautions.

As soon as you decide on the choice of a casino that will fully satisfy all your requirements, you need to take the following steps:

1) Check the Licence 

It’s crucial to check whether there is a valid licence in the organisation of your choice. Online casinos go through regular checks to validate the licence and ensure that players’ accounts are separated from the business itself so that they can pay out to users everything they win without any problems.

2) Check Withdrawal and Deposit Options

The more options, the better. This means that the casino cooperates with various payment systems. Not all payment systems readily cooperate with such organisations, so, the variety of options is a sign of trust. A fundamental point is the withdrawal of the money won. Payments must be processed in a maximum of three business days; if more than five days have passed after verification, the casino is not trustworthy.

3) Read the Terms of Service 

Carefully study the contract for the provision of services; it may contain several dubious theses. For example, they may state that if the licence ends, they are not responsible for protecting your data. Try to avoid such cases.

4) Read Several Online Reviews

Reviews can be both real and fake. Therefore, it would be best to rationally choose the middle ground without jumping to conclusions because of one negative comment.

5) Look for the HTTPS encryption protocol

It is very important that a legal online casino operates over HTTPS to ensure the privacy and security of communication; otherwise, all your data will be roaming the internet in the open. Thanks to HTTPS, all payment data from the internet will be transferred securely from your computer to the online casino.

How to Increase the Chances of Winning in the Video Slots Online Casino

All gamblers dream of winning a life-changing jackpot that will stay with them for life. The truth is that they are extremely rare and, therefore, hard to find. That’s why you should look for smaller jackpots that hit more often. Of course, they are not as attractive as the big ones that often pay millions of dollars, but greed works against you here. Progressive slots are known for big prizes. However, the truth is that the chances of hitting the jackpot in a huge progressive slot are extremely low and chasing it can be very expensive. You can spend thousands of dollars playing every day and still not come close to that bag of cash. Regularly playing a slot with a smaller jackpot will give you a reasonable chance of winning it. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you adhere to this tactic and consider all the risks.

What Is RTG and Spread in the Video Slots Online Casino?

Before choosing a slot machine in a casino, players should also learn more about the main parameters, such as spread (volatility) and RTG (return percentage). The latter is usually indicated by the manufacturer – the higher, the better! Let us take a closer look at what dispersion is. Simply described, it is the degree of risk that reflects the frequency of your profit loss. 

In online casinos, slot machines are as listed below:

  1. Low spread, where small wins often occur
  2. With medium variance, with the same probability of issuing large and small rewards
  3. With high but rare winnings, which means the opportunity to immediately get a big prize.

The most common option is medium sparsity devices. Moreover, it is more convenient to play in this way since you don’t carry a big loss, but sometimes they allow you to have a stable advantage. 

Are There Mobile Apps for Online Casinos?

A mobile casino is no different in its functionality from the main site on the internet. Developers adapt sites for all devices, even for those with fairly low bandwidth. The operating system does not play any role in this matter. Android or iPhone will work and support all types of services in the same way.

All this was created for maximum convenience and quick access for a person to their best video slots online. Even the smallest casinos strive to make an intuitive and attractive mobile application as soon as possible so as not to lose part of the audience.

Advanced players often noted in their reviews several advantages:

  1. Traffic consumption is low
  2. More clear bonuses than on the PC version
  3. Transactions are processed faster

We recommend choosing only licensed casinos and installing a mobile application from the official website. In this way, you will be protected from downloading a fake application and protect yourself from unexpected losses.


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