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Football betting in Ireland is in great demand. At first glance, it may come as a surprise, but Ireland is a top-rate country in the world of gambling, with punters having a high chance of making a profit in Irish football betting. Players here also benefit from reasonable tax rules when it comes to gambling. Want to know how to choose the best online Irish bookmaker for your bets? Read on to learn more!

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A Brief History of Betting in Ireland

The first “Gambling Act” in Ireland was signed and enacted back in 1931. This was followed later in 1956 by the “Gambling and Lotteries Act”, which made regularised lotteries and sports betting legal. However, in 2013, an amendment came out that required companies to have a license to carry out their activities. Online bookmakers are legal if they are up to the country’s licensing requirements. If you start playing in the league of Ireland betting, here is a table that will help you along your way:  

Football leagueLeague of Ireland Premier Division
Game taxYes
Gaming regulatorThe Gambling Regulatory Authority

Irish League Betting Available Tournaments 

Although Irish football does not stand out internationally, it is still a sport with a large following and enthusiasts who always support their team.

In 1878, Irish businessman John M. McAlery was on holiday in Scotland, where he found the inspiration to bring Association Football to Ireland. In fact, McAlery himself later formed the first Irish football club in Cliftonville, Belfast. Before the formation of the first club, this businessman asked two teams from Scotland to play an exhibition match on the cricket ground in Ballymaphy. He did not yet realise how the first such match would affect the further development of the country in the field of football.

A few decades later, after the breakup into northern and southern Ireland, as well as after a series of scandals that had to be settled through the international organisation FIFA — Ireland has its own league.

The League of Ireland was founded in 1921. Initially, it consisted of one division that lasted until 1985. It was divided into the “Premier Division” and “First Division”. The Irish Football League is quite similar to the European leagues. It consists of the League of Ireland, as well as the FAI19 League (this is a youth tournament for teams with players under 19 years old). 

The rules of the tournaments are quite simple. In total, ten teams play each other four times, which gives the result of 36 matches. As in all European competitions, the last-placed club will be relegated, while the penultimate place will play against the First Division winner.

There are also cup tournaments outside of the regular championship for league of Ireland betting:

  1. FAI Cup (Football Association of Ireland) — the country’s national cup competition. For the first time, it was held in 1922. The tournament has a knockout format.
  2. Irish League Cup — regular league clubs take part in it, as well as invited teams from the lower division and some junior teams.

Everything You Need to Know About League of Ireland Betting

An important part of being a successful bettor is knowing when to bet, which bets to place, and how to maximise each one. Consequently, let’s take a look at the popular types of wagers on league of Ireland betting:

To winWin betting is the simplest type. You simply bet on a team you think will be the winner.
HandicapThe way this type of bet works is that the sportsbook determines which team has more chance to be a winner. They then designate a set number of goals or points that the team to which it will be awarded will win. Players then place bets on whether the team will have an over or under handicap.
Over/under As with win bets, over/under bets are very easy to place and are a great choice for beginner Irish bettors. In the case of over/under bets, the bookmaker determines the total (goals, points, corners) tied to the event. As a player, it is up to you whether the combined result will be over or under the numbers set by the bookmaker.
Outcome These types of bets allow you to choose the overall winner of a tournament or league. In most cases, you can bet on the outright weeks or even months before the actual start of the competition.
MultipleThis type is more suitable for experienced bettors as it requires a deep understanding of lines in betting. The way it works is that you select a sequence of multiple bets as part of one single bet. In order to win a bet, all bets you have selected must go through.

Betting Exchanges in Ireland

Unlike online betting sites, exchanges allow you to bet live against other players instead of betting on fixed odds set by the site itself. So how does this process work? Everything is very plain and simple. The total number of players who have bet on an event is the main factor that determines what the odds and offers will be for a particular bet. 

The more popular the market, the higher the odds will be. In order to use a betting exchange, you first need to register with a specific exchange site. After that, you can make a deposit, and you will be ready to play.

How to Make Bets on the Ireland League and Ireland Cup Online

The various bets, different odds, bonuses, and payment systems are inalienable friends of all Irish football fans. Moreover, many bookies have super ratings for Irish league betting and Ireland Cup. 

If you are a newcomer to the world of betting, here are a few easy steps you need to take when betting on your favourite sport. To avoid the hassle, below you can see our guide on how to bet on football, casino, and horse racing online in Ireland.

The steps are simple:

1) Bookmaker search

The most obvious first step is to find a website to bet on the Irish Football League legally. It is imperative to make sure that the site is reliable, licensed, and not restricted in your region.

2) Get bonuses

Almost every bookmaker offers bonuses to new players, so explore this carefully and start playing.

3) Event search

Once you have got access to a large list of events that you can bet on, think carefully before placing a bet.

4) Choose your strategy

Odds are the most important factor in any sport. The most successful strategy for a beginner would be to play a coupon with lower odds because the lower the odds, the more chances the bookmaker gives on a successful result.

5) Confirmation

After you are done with your coupon, click on the “Place Bet” button on the site, follow the game/event, and hope for a win.

The Activity of Irish Football Betting Bookmakers

Understanding how online bookmakers work is very simple: they offer betting events with odds based on the likelihood that that bet will happen, and users place their bets.

These odds (and probabilities) are constantly changing, either due to new information or the amount of money users are placing on that bet. Odds express probabilities, so the smaller the odds, the higher the probability. In other words: the event that pays the lowest rate is “easier” to run.

Bookmakers get a safe edge with every bet placed thanks to the payout (profit margin) that is applied to all their quotes: a small percentage that ranges from 0 to 10% that will be equivalent to the commission that remains before they offer their services as a bookmaker. This commission is present on all odds of all sports and markets of all bookmakers. 

The reason why bookmakers have different odds is very simple. The main one is that the size of the profit varies depending on the bookmaker: some use a large margin, and others use a smaller one, offering better or worse odds for Irish football betting. 

It is also important to know that the odds of bookmakers vary independently of each other: each bookmaker evaluates its odds for every event and changes the odds according to their information or cash flow.

How Do Irish League Betting Sites Differ?

The list of bookies is vast, so during the evaluation, choose only popular and reliable ones. The table below provides a list of possible questions that will help you to deal with the criteria for bookmakers’ evaluation:

Registration offer and promotionHow many promotions (money-back specials, free bets, account boosts, higher odds)
Football bettingPopular games/leagues/cups
Betting featuresAt what level are the rates offered?
Mobile appYes or no, and quality
Payment OptionsSpeed and diversity of payment methods
SupportHow qualified are they?

Registration offer and promotion 

The first impression says a lot about a bookmaker, which is why it is important to understand which bonuses they offer and how attractive they are to new users.

Football betting

It is very important for football fans to be able to bet on all important matches and on all popular leagues, especially the Irish League, which is far from being represented everywhere.

Betting features

Bets and odds are an integral part of the whole process because the better the odds – the more likely it is that a person will choose this particular bookmaker. That is why the coefficients must be competitive compared to others.

Mobile app

The evaluation of a mobile application is based on whether it is available or not, as well as how intuitive the interface is. That is, the players should not have difficulty understanding where and which information to find.

Payment options

The more options for payment systems that work for replenishment and withdrawal – the better. It is this criterion that prevents many people from making bets, as some bookmakers do not support diversity in the types of deposits/withdrawals.


This is where the assessment of the quality of service and the qualifications of the support service in product knowledge takes place. Additionally, check the speed of response to various situations and questions. Reviews may help you to evaluate the quality.


Thanks to the huge number of bookmakers out there, Irish football betting is available with dozens of bookies. Everyone has the opportunity to explore various odds and free bets. It’s up to you which bookmaker you choose but take into consideration that it’s better to deal with legal ones.

The League of Ireland betting is now gaining popularity every year, and therefore bookmakers are trying to pay attention to this championship.

Be sure to consider this when it comes to spending time with interest and excitement.

In other words, you should play with an amount that allows you to operate without pressure and, above all, to have a good time. This requires two aspects: to play rational sums and to remember this. Thus, you will enjoy safe gameplay.


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