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Ireland boasts several competitive sports games, the most popular of which is Gaelic Football. With the variety of competitions and league games available in Ireland come numerous options for betting for All Ireland football.

Also, bet lovers can access bookmakers that offer reliable and reasonable betting odds locally and online on betting All Ireland football. Betting on All Ireland football matches is easier now than ever. This guide discusses various Ireland championship games, odds, and how you can place a wager on All Ireland football outright betting and All Ireland club football betting.

Furthermore, there will be an outline of the list of betting sites available in Ireland for betting All Ireland football, providing you with vital information on how to bet online and other bonuses you can leverage when placing your bets. Enjoy All Ireland football betting to the fullest.

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Betting All Ireland Football: Outright Betting Sites

On this page, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best All Ireland betting sportsbooks. So, if you’re looking for information on where to place your bet on any Ireland football competition or you’re seeking a bookmaker with great betting odds, keep reading.

Many bookies offer amazing betting channels for Ireland’s football championship games. However, we have narrowed our attention to the six best bookmakers listed below:

  • Betway
  • 888sports
  • William Hill
  • Paddy Power
  • Bet365

All Ireland Football Betting: How to Bet Online

If you are new to betting, you should know that there are a few general steps to take when betting on your favourite sport. To save you time, we’ve put together a guide to football betting to help you bet online.

1. Select a Trusted Sports Betting Website

The first and most obvious step would be to locate an Irish site. You should check whether the site is best suited for you, and you can always refer back to our list of reliable websites in Ireland to save yourself some time.

2. Take Advantage of Your Bonus

The best betting sites make a point of welcoming new players with a generous welcome bonus, so make certain to claim it before making a deposit.

3. Find the Event You Want to Wager On

Now comes the exciting part. You can browse the site’s market list to find your preferred option. Regarding betting events, big brands like 888sport will have everything you need.

4. Examine the Odds and Decide on a Strategy

The most important factor at any sports betting site is the odds. So,  to begin with, endeavour to study the betting odds to know if it is worth wagering. A smart plan beginners can leverage is to place small bets on smaller odds, which have a better chance of winning.

5. Place Your Wager

After you’ve filled in your betting slip, scroll down and select the “place your bet” option. Afterwards, watch the games and hope your luck shines.

Other All Ireland Football Betting Tips

Here are some basic tips to help you maximise your bets whenever you stake on an All Ireland football competition. 

Place Your Bets on What You Know

When it comes to football betting, remember that knowledge is power, as this distinguishes all types of sports wagering from most online casino games and verticals. So, whether it’s specific teams or competitions, we always recommend betting in a way that leverages your existing knowledge base and understanding. Structure your betting activity around Manchester United matches and tournaments, for example, if you’re an avid Manchester United fan who can wager objectively and without emotion.

Take Advantage of Expert Resources

Since sports betting allows you to use whatever knowledge and information you have to your advantage, it’s critical to use it as much as possible over time. For instance, look for pundit sites that regularly create in-depth content and guides across Ireland’s football championship, as well as detailed predictions for individual matches and outcomes. Preview all the possible information before the match. Be ready to use this to gain valuable insights and, hopefully, make better decisions over time.

Never Wager More Money Than You Can Afford to Lose

You should restrict your bets to what you can comfortably afford to lose in a given period. This could be daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the amount you have and how frequently you bet, and it’s also a good idea to use sportsbook deposit limits to keep your activity in check.

All Ireland Betting: Football Championships and Odds

Odds are usually set for every football championship game occurring in Ireland. Famously known as the All-Ireland football odds, it brings excitement and longing for most bettors who look forward to earning massively from these odds.

The betting odds for All Ireland football vary on the particular competition played. The most common football competitions in Ireland that offer great odds and free bets include:

Connacht Football Competition, Leinster Football Championships, Munster Football Championship, and Ulster Football Championship

Now, let’s have a detailed discussion of the aforementioned football competition

Connacht Football Championship

The Connacht Senior Football Championship is one of the annual Gaelic football competitions for Connacht GAA’s senior county teams in Ireland and abroad. All Connacht counties and London and New York counties attend the Championship. The Nestor Cup is awarded to the winning team.

The Connacht Senior Football Championship is a knockout competition, which means that if a team loses, they are out. During the summer, a series of games are played, culminating in a championship game in June or July. The winner advances straight to the All-Ireland Super 8s, and the losing team will be relegated to the All-Ireland Qualifiers.

Mayo tops the winners for this Championship, having won it 48 times and currently holding the lead. The most recent victory for Mayo came in 2021. On the other hand, Roscommon has won the competition 24 times, the most recent being in 2019. The Nestor cup has been won three times by Sligo, most recently in 2007, and twice by Leitrim, recently in 1994. On the final day of Connacht, the winning captain receives the JJ Nestor Cup.

Since 1975, London has participated in the Connacht Senior Football Championship, while New York joined in 1999. During this period, London has won three times: once in 1977 and twice in 2013, the wins coming against Sligo and Leitrim.

Connacht Football Championship Odds

The Connacht football odds are given according to the performance and historical winning or losing capability of each team participating in the game. The odds also vary from bookies to bookies, with slight differences to be found. 

The outright betting odds equivalent with various bookies and attributed to each team in the Connacht football competition are given below:

New York500/1

Leinster Football Championship

The Leinster Senior Football Championship, popularly known as the Leinster Championship and abbreviated to Leinster SFC, is an annual inter-county Gaelic football competition coordinated by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) under the Leinster Council. According to the news, it is regarded as the greatest inter-county Gaelic football competition in Leinster and has been held annually since the 1888 championship.

The final, usually held in June, is the culmination of a series of games played throughout May and June, and the outcome decides the team winning the Delaney Cup. The Championship is orchestrated in a straight knockout format, meaning that if a team loses, they are eliminated from the competition.

The Leinster Championship resides in the heart of the bigger GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship. The Leinster final winners advance directly to the All-Ireland quarter-finals, similarly to their Connacht, Munster, and Ulster counterparts. Some eliminated teams compete in the Taitleann Cup, while others compete in the All-Ireland Qualifiers.

The Leinster Championship currently has 11 teams competing. Dublin, one of the most successful teams in Gaelic football, plays their provincial football in the Leinster Championship and has won the title a record 60 times, as well as 30 All-Ireland Championship titles.

Leinster Football Championship Odds

The Leinster Football odds are determined by each team’s performance and historical winning or losing ability. The odds also differ slightly from one bookmaker to the next.

The following are the All Ireland football odds equivalent with various bookmakers and for each team in the Leinster Football Championship:


Munster Football Championship

The Munster Senior Football Championship, abbreviated Munster SFC, is another inter-county Gaelic football competition held annually and managed by the Munster Council of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). The Munster SFC is the highest inter-county Gaelic football competition in Munster and has been held every year following the 1988 championship.

The final, held in June, is the culmination of a series of games played throughout May and June, the results highlight which team receives the Munster Cup. The Championship has always been played in a straight knockout format, meaning that if a team loses, they are removed from the competition.

The Munster Championship is also an essential component of the GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship. The Munster final winners, like their Connacht, Leinster, and Ulster championship counterparts, advanced directly to the All-Ireland Super 8s. All other defeated teams progress to the All-Ireland Qualifiers or the second-tier Tailteann Cup.

The Munster Championship currently has six teams competing. Kerry, the most successful team in Gaelic football, has held their status in the Munster Championship, winning the title 82 times. They have also won the All-Ireland football title 37 times on record.

Munster Football Championship Odds

The Munster Football odds are determined by each team’s performance and winning or losing record in the past. The odds also differ slightly between bookmakers.

Betting odds All Ireland football are similar across various bookmakers and attributed to each team in the Munster Football championship are as follows:


Ulster Football Championship

The Ulster Senior Football Championship is linked with teams and players in the province of Ulster. It is an inter-county competition for Gaelic football teams. The Ulster Council of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) organises the competition, which starts in early May and the final is typically played on the third Sunday of July.

The competition features nine Ulster counties, which is generally viewed as the most difficult of the four provincial football championships to win. But being selected for your first Ulster championship match is a step forward for any team. Derry is the current champion, having defeated Donegal in 2023. The winners are awarded the Anglo-Celt Cup.

Cavan has won the Ulster Championship 40 times, making them the most successful team in history. Cavan holds the record for the most consecutive Ulster Finals appearances. They competed in and won seven consecutive Ulster titles in the 1930s and 1940s. Fermanagh is the only team that has never won an Ulster title.

Ulster Championship Football Odds

The Ulster Championship Football odds are determined by each team’s previous performance and winning or losing record. However, the odds vary slightly between bookmakers as well.

The following are the outright betting odds comparable with a variety of bookmakers and attributed to each team in the Ulster Football Championship:


All Ireland Football

The All-Ireland Senior Football Championship (SFC) is Gaelic football’s premier competition. The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) organises this annual tournament, which is competed in by county teams from all over Ireland.

The first tournament occurred in 1887 and has been held annually since 1889. Each tournament concludes with a final, held on the 35th Sunday of the year at Croke Park in Dublin, and the winning team receives the Sam Maguire Cup.

The qualifiers take place in June and July, with the winning four teams from Round 4 facing off against the four Provincial Champions in the All-Ireland Quarter Finals.

  • All-Ireland Quarter-Finals: The four Provincial Champions are pitted against the four winning All-Ireland Qualifiers teams from Round 4. If a match ends with both teams tied, the game is replayed. The top four teams advance to the All-Ireland Semi-Finals.
  • All-Ireland Semi-Finals: The All-Ireland Semi-Finals are held in August and feature the four All-Ireland Quarter-Finals winners. If a match ends with both teams tied, it will be replayed. The winning teams advance to the All-Ireland Final.
  • All-Ireland Final: The qualifying two teams from the semi-finals meet in the All-Ireland Final, which is occasionally held on the third Sunday in September. The team that wins is crowned All-Ireland Champions.

Betting on All Ireland Football: Favourites

In all Ireland final betting, if you’re looking for a first goal-scorer bet, David Clifford at 4/1 with Paddy Power should be your first port of call. He’s already done it this season, scoring the game’s first (and only) goal against Mayo in this year’s All-Ireland quarter-final.

Sean O’Shea, who raised the green flag in less than four minutes against Dublin in the semi-finals, is next on the hit list at 8/1.

Shane Walsh, the aforementioned Galway contingent member, is a 9/1 shot with BoyleSports. His only goal this season came in the Connacht final against Roscommon, but it was the game’s first three-pointer.

Damien Comer, his full-forward line colleague, is 9/1, and his second goal in the semi-final against Derry was one for the ages. 

As you might expect, those four names are heavily favoured in the RTÉ Man of the Match betting (Clifford 3/1, O’Shea 7/1, Walsh 10/1, and Comer 12/1).

However, the hardworking Paudie Clifford of Kerry is well in with a chance at 10/1 with Betfair, especially given how hard he works to keep the Kingdom forward line ticking.

Galway captain Séan Kelly is an intriguing prospect at 22/1 among the outside shots. If he can keep the Cliffords and O’Shea quiet, you might hear his name called out at the banquet on Sunday evening.

Finally, the handicap on Sunday has been set at four points by betting apps. Kerry -4 is available at Evens, while Galway +4 is available on 10/11. If you want to push the boat out, the -4 handicap draw is available at 9/1 odds.

Betting on All Ireland Football Final: Bonuses and Promotions

Regarding betting, bonuses and markets are children of the same mother, and many punters can make a lot of money by combining such markets and bonuses. Here are some of the best bonuses and promotions offered by most betting sites for betting on all Ireland football final and other games.

Bonuses for New Customers

A welcome bonus is exactly what it sounds like: a bonus that welcomes you to a specific type of bookmaker and entices you to stay. This is usually a reflection of a bookmaker’s generosity; many, if not all, bookmakers will bring such a promotion to the table.

To claim such a bonus, it’s usually necessary to make a deposit and stick to the wagering requirements. 

Accumulator Bonus

The accumulator bonus is a freebie when you select games up to a certain range, often called multi-selection. You will get this bonus if you can pick two or more games that may require minimum odds – which will qualify you for a higher percentage of money if it wins.


Another popular method of betting for all Ireland football is by using a free bet. One of those can be found in any bookmaker’s armoury of offers. This allows you to bet for free and sometimes without depositing any money.

Cashback Bonus

This is one of the most favourable bonuses offered by bookmakers. If you employ one of these to insure your bet, you will receive a partial refund should you lose. Keep an eye out for those bets, as they can sometimes be a lifesaver.

Loyalty Programme

Many bookmakers and casinos offer bettors programmes that feature various levels. The more you bet, the more perks you get. You can get more favourable conditions for the withdrawal of funds, special points, additional bonuses, and much more.

No Deposit Bonus

Bookmakers rarely provide such a promotion, but many people are on the lookout for it when they do. You can get a free bet on the fulfilment of some requirements.

Popular Payment Methods for Betting Odds All Ireland Football

Payment methods are an essential component of any Ireland football betting site. With the ability to use your preferred payment method, betting on sports in Ireland becomes much easier.

The following outline the most popular payment methods in Ireland:

MasterCard and Visa

Visa and MasterCard are the most popular payment methods among gamblers. They are linked to your bank account and are one of the most popular ways to make deposits and withdrawals in Ireland’s best betting sites. Credit cards, however, are not directly linked to your bank account, and there may be some transfer fees when making a transaction.


Although Paysafecard is less widely used than other payment methods, any site that calls itself a renowned betting site in Ireland should accept prepaid cards. They are comparable to debit cards, but players load money onto them easily, which allows for incredibly quick transactions.


Skrill is very popular among Irish players because it allows for much faster withdrawals than the other payment methods. This is because withdrawals are faster and have very low transfer fees. We can say that e-Wallets are among the most popular payment methods in Ireland’s sports betting industry.


This payment process provides access to a simple and secure checkout and payment experience. An in-app confirmation ensures you’re the account’s rightful owner, and this method has few to no restrictions. 


Bitcoin is a recent addition to the ideal wagering websites in Ireland and is gaining popularity daily. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum provide punters with the highest level of security and confidentiality while using them. Moreover, all withdrawals are straightforward, and there are no associated fees for using Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a mode of payment expected to gain popularity and be used long-term.


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