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There is a great number of online casinos out there that offer roulette games. Some of them are well-known, but some are unfamiliar. That is why we have to check and rate these newbies to provide you with the best content. If you want to play on reliable sites and have the most exciting gambling experience, you have to choose wisely from our top-ranking list of all casino game online roulette options on the market. This webpage contains information on how we create this rating.

Top 10 Ireland Casino Sites
5.0 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
1500 €/$ + 270 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x40 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
5.0 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
1500 €/$ + 150 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x40 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
4.8 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
500 €/$ + 200 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x40 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
4.3 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
1500 €/$ + 300 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x45 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
5.0 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
500 €/$ + 225 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x40 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
5.0 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
600 €/$ + 170 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x45 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
5.0 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
1000 €/$ + 100 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x45 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
5.0 rating
Welcome bonus:
500 €/$ + 100 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €10 deposit. x35 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
4.5 rating
Welcome bonus:
up to 1000 €/$ + 200 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €10 deposit. x50 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
4.0 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
up to €200 + 200 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x40 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.

Roulette Online Casino: What Is It?

Today, roulette online casinos offer visitors plenty of gambling options such as slots, poker, blackjack, and betting, but the queen of gambling is roulette. What is the main reason for that? Players like to win, and all you have to do is choose your colour – red or black, and a number. That is the reason why it’s fun to play this simple game that involves a spinning wheel and a roulette ball, and, of course, it’s even more fun if you win.

What Is the Difference Between Online Casino Roulette and Land-Based Casino Roulette? 

In a land-based casino, every player at the roulette table will encounter casino employees who are responsible for security, cash deposit and withdrawal and directing the game. Managing the game is serious business, and it’s something casino croupiers take very seriously. In online casino roulette, you’ll only face an application. Roulette will be driven not by a dealer but by artificial intelligence; the secure validation process will only take a few seconds from when you put in your username and password, and your deposit can be placed easily and at any time. Everything is streamlined to make sure you have more time to enjoy the casino roulette online game.

Safety and Security at Casino Game Online Roulette in Ireland

In the Republic of Ireland, casinos are regulated by the Ministry of Justice and Equality. The main document that regulates the Irish gambling market is the Gambling and Lottery Act which was issued in 1956. Then, in 2020, some new amendments were added in order to adapt this Act to the current state of affairs in the gambling industry.

Casino Roulette Online: Variations and Features of the Game

Roulette online casino is a game that was traditionally played in a brick-and-mortar casino. But today, players have an opportunity to get in on the roulette action without having to leave the room they woke up in.

There are several types of games that are available at an online roulette casino:

  • French Roulette;
  • American Roulette;
  • European Roulette.

There are some differences, but they are not as crucial as they may seem.

French Roulette

French roulette is the progenitor of other versions of roulette. It has a wheel with 37 sectors: 36 sectors with numbers and one sector zero. All the inscriptions on the table are written in French. There is one special rule for that type of game: it is called “La Partage” and allows the player to pick up half of the bet if the ball stops at zero or to leave it for the next round. But if the next round ball stops in the zero sector again, the player loses their bet.

European Roulette

European roulette has exactly the same wheel as French roulette. The only difference is that there is no “La Partage” rule in this type of game.

American Roulette

American roulette has a wheel with 38 sectors: 36 sectors with numbers, one zero sector, and one double zero sector. 

The betting process is the same for all these kinds of casino roulette online, but there are mathematical differences in the odds: The European variation gives you 97.3% payback, while the American one gives roughly 94.7% payback. That is a by-product of the inclusion of a double zero extra sector. 

Casino Game Online Roulette: How to Play and Win

So, you’ve decided to play, and of course, you want to win. What will be your next step towards your lucrative win? When we say steps, we don’t mean that you have to drive to a gambling zone. All that you need is here on your screen. The action is centred around a numbered spinning wheel and the ball. Place your bet and see what happens.

Deciding Where to Play Casino Roulette Online

Our site provides you with several ranking lists for real money casinos, live casinos, betting, and slots. Don’t hesitate to use these ratings while choosing the right place to play. But also try to choose the most convenient site which offers you free plays, deposit bonuses, and other privileges.

Register an Account

In order to get into the game, you have to create your own account. This is needed in order to guarantee the security of your deposit. After that, you’ll be asked to validate your email address, and that’s it! Proceed to the next step.

Make a Deposit

The next step is to place some money in your bankroll. That means you have to make a deposit. Please be aware that if you want to grab your online casino roulette bonuses, you have to check the requirements and conditions of the specific site you’ve chosen.

Get Your Welcome and Deposit Bonuses

After you have created your validated account and made a deposit, you can aim for the bonus. The majority of casino game online roulette games provide players with a welcome bonus, which is also known as a deposit bonus. The size of the bonus mostly depends on the deposit value and the rules and conditions of the casino. It could be free slot games or free spins on roulette online casino games, or even free tickets to a poker tournament. It also could be real money in your bankroll, which cannot be withdrawn but could be used in casino games. 

Select the Roulette Game You Wish to Play

You can choose the game you prefer. Is it classic French roulette or the American version? It doesn’t matter; choose your favourite to get the most excitement possible during the game.

How to Play to Win in Roulette

It is the last move before you reach your goal. You made many steps to get here, so sit down, get comfortable and place your bet. 

If you want to win at roulette, you may follow some well-known betting strategies.

Online Casino Roulette: Which Bonuses Can I Get?

Brick-and-mortar casinos used to shower their players with various privileges and bonuses: free buffet food, a free room in a hotel, free tickets to hotel shows and more. But times change, and today, you have to spend a lot of money in a land-based casino to get any kind of privilege. Another situation has cropped up in terms of roulette online casino: you can get a bonus even if you have not played a single game. Due to the fierce competition in the rapidly growing online casino market, brands create various promotions and huge loyalty programmes to attract and keep players in their online system. 

Roulette Online Casino: How Do We Rank Them?

Today there are plenty of online casinos, bookmakers and poker rooms operating on web-based platforms. We understand that not every player has the time and energy to search for the most secure and reputable site. That is why our team is constantly working to provide the best deals in the online roulette casino market. Please rest assured that we are not sponsored by any brand and use only fair and trusted methods to evaluate the market.

Game Library

The main reason any player is looking for an online casino is to find entertainment. The more games the site offers to its customer, the better. Therefore, our top task is to find you a brand with big deals and a great entertainment level. If you’re looking for roulette games, we’re going to make sure that the brand has at least all the most popular variations of online casino roulette. 

Bonus Offers and Promotions

The next most important facet of a brand is the generosity of the rewards it provides and the sponsored deals on the site. A good reputable brand should provide a deposit or welcome bonus, cashback bonus, free spins, and free plays and reload prizes.

Banking and Payment Options

The site should support all the main payment methods so that customers can deposit and withdraw money easily. The size of the minimum deposit and the minimum withdrawals are also important criteria in choosing top-ranking sites. 

Customer Support Centre

Online casinos should provide customer support 24 hours, 7 days a week. That is a must for an online business. Our team checks this out and rates the quality of support.


Online brands should be licensed by the Ministry of Justice and Equality of Ireland or the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission which is the most stringent regulator in the region. Licences from MGA, GRA, SGA, and Curacao eGaming are also a plus.



Can You Legally Play Roulette Online?

If you are an adult and can validate your account in online casino roulette with a passport or driver’s licence, you can play online in Ireland. But don’t forget that if you leave the Republic of Ireland for a holiday or a business trip to any other country, you should be aware and strictly follow the regulations and laws of the country you stay in while you’re playing roulette games on an online casino platform. It may be the case that online gambling may be prohibited in a specific country. Governments in some countries can also put restrictions on the banking services connected with gambling bank transfers. There are some countries which require online casinos to get local licences even if they are not registered in that country. Legislation of iGambling becomes more stringent every year, and that creates extra obstacles for people who want to enjoy roulette games online.


What Is the Best Site to Play Online Roulette?

With the sheer number of sites to play at a roulette online casino, it is not a simple task to choose the best one. If you need to select the most appropriate brand, you should follow certain steps. First of all, decide which version you want to play: French roulette, American roulette, European roulette, or any unorthodox version. That is extremely important because not every online casino provides all variations of roulette games. Then you have to choose a site that is secured and has all the necessary encrypting certificates. This will guarantee that your money is safe. Also, don’t forget to check if the site is licensed by a government body. And, of course, before making a deposit, check the possibility of getting a deposit or welcome bonus. You can try SpinAway Casino or CasinoBuck; they have a good rating in our recent selection. Competition in the iGambing market pushes sites to improve the quality of their service continually.


Which Is the Most Trusted Online Casino?

The casino roulette online game with the best rating is definitely the most trusted one. We would say it is always a complicated task to provide a fair review because no rating is absolute. However, we try to provide our users with the best options for comfortable gaming. In all sections, the presence of certified games is mandatory. If there are no certificates and licences, the player cannot be confident in the online casino. The best choice of a site is always shown on the main page of our website. You can choose between real money casino ratings, live casinos, slots, and betting. As it appears, the best ratings among real money and live casinos are held by Megaslot Casino. 5Gringos Casino and SpinAway Casino have the best deals, consisting they have a huge welcome bonus of $1,000 (or the equivalent amount in euros). Casino Rocket also offers 200 free spins to every new player.


What Is the Best Roulette Strategy?

There are a number of variations of the casino game online roulette. And the games have slightly different rules. Also, they have different winning odds. Your strategy will depend on which roulette game you play. If you can choose between American and European roulette, always select the European one. It has more payback odds because it only has one zero sector. Players who are looking for a bigger win for a small stake should choose the strategy with longer odds. Single numbers will make them odds 35/1 of winning the bet. But in that strategy, the player will lose their bets for a very long time until they win. For those who want more chances to win on every spin, the best strategy will be to place bets on wide sectors: red or black, odd or even, 1-18 or 19-36 numbers.


Can I Play Casino Online for Real Money?

If you want to play online casino roulette for real money, your country of residence matters. Every country has its own gambling laws that must be adhered to. You can definitely play for real money in the Republic of Ireland. If you prefer to make real money bets, you will need to verify your identity. Don’t be afraid to put in some personal information during the registration of your account. Sites that guarantee complete anonymity may be fraudulent. Irish casinos that let you win without cheating will ask for scans of documents for verification. For your online roulette play, choose one of our top-ranking sites. Our team creates a list of reputable real money casinos for your convenience and the simplicity of finding a secure game. We check and review brands from this list daily; our ranking methods are openly available to any interested person.


What Is the Payout for Roulette?

The RTP (Return to Player), which is called payout percentage, indicates the rate at which a game will pay out to players. If the payout is 97%, you’ll lose every $3 from your $100 on average. Games have different payout percentages, and if you know the payout percentage of a game, you can easily manage your bankroll. The higher the payout, the more money you can win. The payout percentage of a roulette online casino depends on the version of roulette you play. European roulette has the highest payout percentage with one zero sector, which is roughly 97.3%. American roulette has a payout percentage of 94.7%, which is a by-product of the double-zero sector. Sites with online casinos could alter the RTP of some games because there is no firmly approved value of payout percentages by gambling regulators, but there is a regulation law for a real money casino.


What Is the Best Gambling Game to Win Money?

In order to ask that question, we have to look back and explain what the payout percentage of a gambling game is. Payout percentages (RTP) show how much money a player will lose in long-term play. Different games have different payout percentages; the highest payout percentage will increase your chances of winning. A quick analysis shows that slots have best payout percentage. The payout of slots fluctuates from 93% to 99%, with an average value of 96%. The actual payout depends on the site on which you are playing. Online casino roulette games have an average payout percentage of roughly 95%. The best way to win is to play at casinos that are legit and have all the required licences. On the other hand, if you play at non-licensed casinos, you’ll definitely face dishonest play and a modified algorithm of spins which will cause lowered RTP.


How Do You Know if an Online Casino is Legit?

It is not easy to recognize fraudulent sites which are made to steal your data and money. You have to spend some time to find out if roulette online casino sites are legit or not. You should pay some special attention to the main features of the site. First of all, check out reviews on that brand. Also, be cautious about free offers because this is the main sign of a fraudulent site. Also, look at the software used by online casino sites. You should check out the software that is used by casinos before investing your money into it. Always choose a room with legit software. Don’t forget to check out the casino’s licence certificates. Check out the casino rating on our web page. Read all you can find about the online casino and use the players’ community to ask about bank transfers and withdrawal issues.


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