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Lottering betting is a fun activity in Ireland. Punters in the country frequently engage in this activity with a view to hitting the jackpot. This betting activity is also called lotto betting, and it involves predicting a lottery result and placing a bet on the possible outcome. Punters can bet on lottery draws outside of their own jurisdiction.

The Irish Lottery was established as a unique national lottery for the Irish, but over the years, bookmakers outside Ireland started offering Irish Lottery bets. In this piece, you will find everything you need to know about Irish Lottery betting and get familiar with our site.

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Background of Irish Lotto Online Betting

Irish lottery betting started as far back as 1986. The National Lottery in Ireland was established by the Irish authorities to raise money for good causes. The idea was to help fund projects and promote sports, arts, health, and national heritage. Research shows that over 40% of Irish people play lottery games regularly.

The first Irish lottery was on Saturday, April 16, 1988. Irish citizens enjoyed getting involved. A couple of years later, after the first lotto, Wednesday was added as midweek draws, and players could pick 6 numbers out of 36. Syndicates were set up across the country, with groups of people clubbing together to try to win the jackpot.

Interesting fact from the past: If we take into account that there are mathematical probabilities involved, you could buy every possible combination to guarantee the jackpot. In 1992, one Irish syndicate did this by buying all the tickets, matching the correct number, and securing themselves the IR £1.16 million prize. 

In 2021, there was an incredible stint of sixty rollovers, with no one winning the jackpot until a sole player hit the €19 million jackpot. Irish Lottery betting is a fun activity, and people place bets on the Irish lotto worldwide, making it an extremely popular game.

Irish Lotto Betting Odds

Lottery betting online does not mean you are eligible for the jackpot prize if all your bets come through, as opposed to what happens when you buy a ticket. Note that you must be available physically to buy a lottery ticket in Ireland or be a resident of Ireland to play the actual lotto online.

Irish Lotto betting odds vary between sportsbooks. Each online bookmaker has its own standard. Generally, the odds of winning an Irish lotto bet on one ball is 47 to 1. If you bet on six balls, your odds of being correct will be 47/6.

Note that the more the number of selected balls, the more the odds. For instance, if you pack three balls, the odds will be 47/6, 47/5, and 47/4. As a player, it’s best to check out what the sportsbook you are using is offering. 

Benefits of Irish Lottery Online Betting

Irish Lottery online betting offers more benefits and options for the game to enjoy than in-person betting or buying a lottery ticket to view. Below are some benefits of Irish lotto online betting:

  • You can easily bet without being located in Ireland.
  • It is convenient.
  • Betting online is secure.
  • Players are notified if they win a bet; they don’t necessarily have to check the outcome intervals.
  • You will receive instant payments and withdrawals.

Popular Irish Lottery Betting Markets

Most of the Irish lotto online bookmakers have different kinds of Irish lotto betting odds with several options to place bets on. Here are some popular betting markets that you can bet on for Irish Lotto games:

Combination Bet

This is the most popular Irish lotto betting market. It is like playing the actual lottery. Punters can select many numbers they want daily, up to 14, then separate them into accumulator bets like singles, trebles, five-folds, etc. For instance, if you choose six numbers, you would have placed 62 bets that way, that is, six singles, 15 four-folds, 20 trebles, 15 doubles, and six five-folds.

However, you don’t have to place 62 bets; you can omit doubles and trebles to play 27 bets instead.

Straight Bet

In this market, you can bet on multiple numbers in the next draw. Also, you can choose to include the bonus ball. Straight Irish lottery online betting involves betting on a number to appear on the fixed odds the sportsbooks offer.

To win this bet, all the numbers selected must appear; if you bet on six numbers and four are matched, you won’t win the bet. Therefore, you must be sure before placing the bet. 

Bonus Ball Colour

This involves betting on the colour of the bonus ball. Most times, there are seven colours to select from. Bettors can easily wager on the colour of the bonus ball. The odds are often 13-2.

Bonus Ball Number

The bonus ball number betting market is similar to the bonus ball colour, aside from the fact that you will bet on numbers rather than colours. Punters are betting on the bonus ball number, with the odds being 40-1.

First Number Drawn

In this case, bettors are betting on the number on the first ball out. The number you select here must be the first ball out of the lottery machine to win the bet. The betting market odd comes in 44-1.

First Number Drawn Odd/Even

This is similar to the first number drawn. However, here you are betting that the first number will be an odd or even number. This is a 50/50 chance. 

Total Value

Total value is quite a difficult betting market; however, it is rewarding. All you need to do here is select the sum of the balls in the lottery machine with a value range excluding the bonus ball from 21 to 279 within the game time.


You will bet if a ball drawn in the lottery machine is odd or even. Players can choose six balls; however, all six balls must be correct to win the bet.


This involves betting on whether the ball drawn is high or low. Note that all your ball selections must be correct to win the game. 

Irish Lottery Online Bookmakers

Though the Irish lottery game is a national game, not all sportsbooks offer bets on the Irish Lottery. The companies that do are regulated for different lotteries betting. Below is a list of the top websites where you can place Irish bets:

  • Betfred
  • Bet365
  • Skybet
  • Ladbrokes
  • Paddy Power
  • William Hill
  • Coral
  • BoyleSports

Where to Go for Irish Lotto Betting 

Are you wondering how to go about Irish Lottery betting? We have got you covered. Follow the following quick step to start betting on the Irish lottery online:

Step 1 – Choose an online bookmaker

Several online sportsbooks offer Irish online lotto betting. We have mentioned some bookmakers above; therefore, you can select one from the list.

Step 2 – Register on the selected website

Some Irish lotto betting sites require you to register before using their site, and some don’t. However, it is advisable to register on the selected website for a personal experience. 

Step 3 – Deposit funds into your wallet (betting account)

Now that you have selected a sportsbook and successfully registered, you can deposit some funds in your account. Some websites might require a minimum of €10; however, a deposit is essential. 

Step 4 – Select the numbers

You can proceed to pick numbers now. Players can select any of the betting markets they’re interested in. You can do a little research to help while placing a bet, and you will be offered different Irish lotto betting odds.

Step 5 – Select your desired draws

After selecting the number, you will continue to pick your draw. Irish lotto betting is available twice a week when the numbers are drawn, and you can bet on either draw, giving you more options.

Step 6 – Choose your wager and place a bet

Lastly, you can proceed to wager an amount and place a bet.

Irish Lottery Betting in the UK

Do you know that Irish lotto online betting is not only available in Ireland? You can bet on the Irish Lottery in the UK. Several online bookmakers offer this service. Also, punters prefer Irish lottery online betting to the UK National Lottery because of the higher chance of winning. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission regulates this activity in the UK, so playing the Irish lotto online betting is legal.

Summing Up

Irish Lottery betting is an interesting activity for many punters, and it has been running for many years. You will find all the necessary information about Irish lottery betting on our website. Join other players to explore lotto betting with us. 


Have you got some questions? We have got you covered. Check our answers to punters’ questions!

Can I Bet on the Irish Lottery?

Irish Lottery betting is available for many punters worldwide. You can bet on the Irish Lottery as long as you’re of legal age to bet in your country. Irish lottery betting is easy, and it has existed for decades. Irish Lottery betting is easy.

Though winning a jackpot is unlikely, as people don’t often hit the jackpot, you may well get lucky and win the next international Irish lotto jackpot; your location is not a barrier. Lastly, to answer the question, you can bet and win the Irish lottery. Many online sportsbooks are available to make you comfortable while betting with mouth-watering odds and offers.

How Do You Place a Bet on the Irish Lottery?

Betting on the Irish lottery is easy and uncomplicated. You can easily carry out Irish lotto online betting through the steps mentioned in the article. However, to recap:

  • Select a reviewed or reliable betting site that offers the Irish lottery. You can pick from the above list of online bookmakers, and these are reliable with reasonable betting offers. 
  • Register your name and other details on the betting site, then deposit funds to stake games or place bets. You can proceed to log in to your account if you have an account already.
  • Select a number to back, and you can play multiple bets depending on your choice 
  • Choose a draw; that is, choose a game you want to bet on. Ensure you do a little research about your chances of winning before staking 
  • Wager an amount as you desire and place a bet
  • Now, await the result of the lottery draw.

Can You Play the Irish Lottery Online?

Yes, you can play the lottery online. Many online sportsbooks that offer Irish lottery betting online are available. These sites are reliable and regulated and offer Irish lotto betting odds to punters.

Placing the Irish lottery bet online is the easiest and most convenient and gives players a higher chance of winning. You can easily play the Irish lotto online with any online sportsbook. However, ensure you select a reliable online bookmaker. 

You could check our list for easy selection. After that, you can proceed to do the necessary (staking, selecting numbers, etc.) to place your bets.

Which Irish Lottery is the Easiest to Win?

Irish lottery online betting has different betting markets, giving bettors different options to place a bet on. However, the straight-bet Irish lottery seems the easiest to win, as it involves placing a bet on a number to win. Bettors have a higher chance of winning.

Also, the odd or even bet market is quite straightforward; it gives bettors a 50/50 chance of winning the lottery draw. You could try out the other Irish lottery to see which seems easy for you. 

Which Lottery Has the Best Odds?

Generally, Irish lottery betting has one of the best odds worldwide. This is one of the many reasons the Irish lotto is so famous. Despite the changes in betting, the Irish Lottery continues to be one of the world’s most popular lotteries.

The Irish lottery betting odds do not only have good prices, but they do possess an interesting feature that has attracted bettors, like the international jackpot and the seven prizes available. Below is a simple table showing some popular jackpot odds, displaying the Irish lottery as the second best.

RankingLotteryOddsBase Price
1MINI lotto1:850,668€0.50
2Irish Lotto1:10,737,573€2.00


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