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Best Online Casinos IrelandOnline Casino List Ireland 2023

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Are you on the lookout for Ireland’s best casinos? Are you interested in scanning through some of the most remarkable and exciting sites available? Well, you’re in the right place – our unbiased review platform has come up with the definitive online casino sites list!

There were many different but equally important aspects that our reviewers took into consideration. All the sites we selected had a strong foundation and the ability to really entice customers to their games of choice. We vetted the sites to ensure that only the best remain, offering highly efficient service to both novice players, experienced ones, and those looking for a quick thrill to help them pass the time.

Remember that the online casino list available on this web page is not the only list of gambling platforms that we have on our site. For instance, there’s a list of real-money top casinos online – it can help you find the best real money casino that will really deliver on all its promises. You can use our site to track down the best option based on any criteria you can think of!

Top 10 Ireland Casino Sites
5.0 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
1500 €/$ + 270 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x40 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
5.0 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
1500 €/$ + 150 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x40 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
4.8 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
500 €/$ + 200 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x40 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
4.3 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
1500 €/$ + 300 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x45 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
5.0 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
500 €/$ + 225 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x40 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
5.0 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
600 €/$ + 170 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x45 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
5.0 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
1000 €/$ + 100 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x45 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
5.0 rating
Welcome bonus:
500 €/$ + 100 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €10 deposit. x35 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
4.5 rating
Welcome bonus:
up to 1000 €/$ + 200 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €10 deposit. x50 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.
4.0 rating
Welcome bonus pack:
up to €200 + 200 Free Spins
For new players only. Min. €20 deposit. x40 wagering requirement. T&Cs apply.

What Does It Take to Make It onto Our Online Casino List?

Even though there are many decent options available for Irish players, there are certain exceptional standards that have to be met in order for a site to be qualified for our list. To make the grade, casinos have to have the following features:

  • Security. Encryption protocols get more and more sophisticated with every passing year, and the information shared with casinos has to be particularly protected. Sites hoping to make the top 10 casino online list have no excuses for failure in this area;
  • Fast and secure deposits and withdrawals. Everybody wants to have access to their winnings instantaneously, and some casinos do make that possible;
  • Great client support. Every item on the online casino list offers exceptional customer support in order to make players’ lives easier;
  • Plentiful bonuses. A sizable bonus can be a real difference-maker for a new member. These are only a few of the many highly-ranked sites that really go out of their way to make sure that players can take advantage of all bonuses;
  • Large selection of games. Top casinos online understand the importance of variety and the ability to, for example, entertain even the pickiest slot players of various levels of experience.

Online Casino Sites List: What Are the Most Popular Games?

Let’s take a look at some of the top pick games that enjoyed steady popularity all throughout 2023 and will continue to do so well into the future.

1. Slots

The top casinos online offer nearly countless options when it comes to this tried-and-true fan favourite.

2. Poker

It’s one of the most popular card games of all time. It gave way to many variants, including the online casino-specific type – video poker.

3. Blackjack

This is also a very popular card game that spans the globe. Some of the biggest wins come when playing this game.

4. Roulette

In order to make the online casino list Ireland, a gambling site has to have a wide selection of roulette games, including Euro roulette and mini-roulette.

5. Live dealer games

Almost every game becomes more exciting if you have a live dealer, so the popularity of this type of game is wholly justified.

6. Sports betting

While sports betting is not a game per se, it is incredibly popular in all its forms. All the sites from the online casino list offer extensive betting options, including live betting and ACCAs.

Top Casinos Online: What Makes Skycrown Casino Special?

There’s a whole multitude of qualities that helped Skycrown top our online casino list at one point. Even though it’s a new casino that hasn’t really had enough time to prove itself to the general public, it’s made an impact nonetheless. Almost right off the bat, it became something of a critical darling due to its many novelties and innovative casino features.

Just like many sites showcased on our online casino sites list, Skycrown offers a plethora of games, including noted favourites such as Baccarat, Slots, and Roulette. After they read and listened to user feedback, they partnered up with different providers to really broaden the line-up of games.

On the bonus front, they offer up to €500 in free money in addition to 225 free spins. Not all top casinos online have a welcome pack this generous, which instantly puts Skycrown over the top. In addition to variety and above-average bonuses, this site offers an incredible live casino experience, multiple responsible gambling options, fast withdrawals, multi-currency accounts, and other things that helped turn Skycrown into a top online casino in such a short timeframe.

Real Money Online Casino List: Megaslot Casino

One more dark horse pick that made our prestigious online casino sites list is none other than Megaslot Casino. The casino was established in 2020 and received licensing from the Malta Gaming Authority. This site offers numerous advantages over its direct competitors, including a generous welcome bonus of €600 and 170 free spins.

The mobile version of the website retains the best of both worlds and manages to add new depth to the gambling experience. There’s 24/7 customer support, lightning-fast withdrawals, and over 5,000 games to choose from.

This casino provides a modern, up-to-date online gambling experience. At its worst, it may not offer its services worldwide and may take time to accept cryptos as a viable payment option. Aside from these minuscule downsides, Megaslot Casino is a top pick within any online casino sites list.

Conclusion: Our List of Online Casino Sites Can Be Very Helpful

Even if it’s impossible for us to know your exact preferences and requirements, we can still give you access to an online casino list featuring the best of the best only. You can make your final call based on which qualities are of utmost importance to you.



What Is the Best Casino Online?

Exploring our definitive online casino list can help you to decide which casino is best suited to your preference of games and other details. To help, we’ve created a master list of all Irish casinos that, in our opinion, deserve to be considered the best online gaming venues for both inexperienced and experienced players. Everybody has their own opinion on which aspect of the gambling experience is the most important, and therefore different people will have a different “best” casino based on which aspect they most value. Some of the casinos from our list boast the best bonus offers, while others make it really easy to withdraw money. Based on what we value, we’ve compiled our top 10 - each site brings a nice balance of the features, but it’s still somewhat subjective. We encourage you to use any of our lists as a starting point, not a gospel.


What is the #1 Online Casino?

While this question is easy to answer, not everyone will agree. Even if there are objective criteria such as game selection, safety, security and reliability, the final grade still depends on personal preferences and holds at least some degree of subjectivity. In our online casino sites list, we oftentimes prop up Skycrown Casino as the number one pick. This gambling venue offers a nice mix of every conceivable advantage that most reviewers refer to as selling points. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the above-mentioned gambling venue is going to become your favourite casino or even the best option for your specific set of needs. It makes sense to examine the full selection of casinos and use that as a point of reference. Be sure to single out the qualities of a casino that you personally value and do a little extra homework by examining our list of objectively good casinos.


Which Online Casino Has the Best Payouts?

In case you were wondering which is the best-paying web-based casino in Ireland, you need to pay close attention to our definitive online casino list. Every casino featured there has been reviewed, and we’ll help you to make the right choice for your specific gaming needs. There are only so many sites that offer instant payouts, so be sure to pay attention to our lists of casinos that allow rapid withdrawals. Perhaps speed is not as important to you as the variety of payment methods. We also talk about that in our reviews and make sure to list all the ways you can pay and get paid. Please take your time to zero in on the right casino based on what payout-related quality matters to you the most. Remember that our site is loaded with the most up-to-date and comprehensive online casino reviews and comparisons to find the right option.


Which Casino Games Give You Free Money?

Some people say that there’s no such thing as “free money”, but they clearly haven’t looked at a certain online casino sites list available on our reviewing platform. We did our best to come up with a comprehensive selection of Irish casinos that give you free money as soon as you sign up and make your first deposit. SpinAway Casino can give you 100 free spins for playing slots, but that’s not even the best thing - they will also give you up to €1,000 in real money to match your first deposit. While extremely generous, this offer is hardly one of a kind. There are other platforms that give you access to free money for playing slots in order to encourage you to explore the abundance of money-making opportunities that their casino has to offer. Examine all free money offers to find a worthy and appropriate casino.


Where can I Win Real Money Online?

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It is always a pleasure to review a site that offers real-money gambling because there’s no fun in gambling if there’s no real risk involved. That’s why we dug deep into various options available within the Irish gambling industry and decided to create a real-money online casino list that will aid you in figuring out which online casino website is right for you. At the time of writing, Megaslot Casino tops our list of real-money gambling venues, and there are more than enough reasons why this place is great to play in. It really does pay out real money and even offers you free, real-money bonuses when you sign up. There’s a promotional offer that enables you to receive up to €600. You can also get 170 free spins which also helps you earn real currency whenever you gamble online and win money every time you land a jackpot.


Which Online Casino Has the Fastest Withdrawals?

Withdrawal speed is one of the most important aspects of online casino games, and it really shouldn’t be ignored. It is a popular requirement in many cases, and it affects the overall user experience. We have a special online casino sites list that ranks casinos based on the speed with which you can make a withdrawal. The fastest way to withdraw money is through an e-wallet. Most fast withdrawal casinos offer instant payouts whenever e-wallets are involved. Be sure to find which casino has the most advantageous terms for the specific withdrawal method that you will end up using. Online casino sites may have above-average speeds for one payment provider and below-average for another. PlayOJO, for example, takes seven days at worst to move your money once you place a withdrawal order. Most of the withdrawals are instant, though, and that’s one of the key aspects of making an online casino successful.


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